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Despite Coronavirus, Peerman Family Farm is still Producing Organic Foods

At Peerman Family Farm we acknowledge that Coronavirus has caused multiple problems for everyone with the shutdown and social distancing. However, two things are certain: (a) we will continue to produce organic foods and (b) we all have to eat!Community box in Whitefish

If there is one thing that you can say about farming it is that it cannot stop. We are not like, say, a dress shop. The owner of that can shut the doors and when he or she eventually re-opens, all the dresses and other fashions will still be there exactly as they were before the shop was closed.

Farming is not like that. We have animals. They need feeding and watering and all their usual care. We have vegetables and fruits growing: they are not going to stop growing just because of a virus, and they need harvesting, and then fruit trees need pruning and so on.

We have sold out multiple times of our Farm boxes. We shipped out gift boxes all over the state and even sent out gift boxes to different parts of the US. We are happy of the success of the boxes and being able to provide high quality food to the residents in Montana.

Farm Boxes For Curbside Pickup – Check Calendar for Available Dates

Farm box for pickupSo yes, at Peerman Family Farm life goes on much the same as usual. We are still producing organic food and homemade products. And in order to overcome the problems of Coronavirus we are now producing Farm Boxes for curbside pickup on Fridays so that you can continue to enjoy our farm to table foods. We have joined forces with other local farms around the Flathead Valley and between us we are producing fresh foods so that you can enjoy them as usual.

Our Basic Farm Box contains Peerman Family Farm fresh meats from animals that are 100% grass fed and contain no pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or other medications. A box of 6 eggs is from pasture-fed chickens, and there is a loaf of freshly baked sourdough bread. There is a 6 oz bag of organic fresh roasted coffee beans together with a bar of our oats and honey goats milk soap. Also included is a bottle of our 4 Thieves hand sanitizer for killing germs.

However, that is just our basic Farm Box. We are also producing a Community Box so that you can give organic products as a kind gesture to a neighbor or medical workers who need it, and three sizes of Gift Box – small, medium, and family size.

But those are only the basic boxes. We also offer a huge choice of add-ons of all sorts. There are breads, Gift boxes at the Farmhousedinner rolls, biscuits, cakes and cookies, organic yogurt, meats (lamb, pork chops, or roast or ground beef), fresh fruit preserves, fresh milk, truffles, hand-made soaps, candles, and more. All to our strict organic standards and our high quality.

So Coronavirus may have made a difference to our lives, but you can still get the organic, fresh foods that you love from Peerman Family Farm. Even tho we continue to sell out of our Farm boxes. We will continue to provide high quality food to the great residents of Whitefish Montana. Check our online calendar for available dates.