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If You Want One of the Best US Ski Resorts, Come to Whitefish MT

Do you love to ski? Many people do. But some of those “strange” folk don’t! There has to be something wrong with people who don’t love to ski!

OK, here at the Farmhouse Inn & Kitchen in Whitefish, Montana, we have to hold our hands up and say that perhaps we are a little bit biased. That’s because Whitefish is well-known as one of the finest ski resorts in the US. Seriously, it is.

That’s why we have many visitors in the winter months who can’t wait to get out on the slopes all day in what is called “Big Sky Country”.

However, skiing is a tough old pastime and at the end of a long day on the slopes you want nothing more than to take all that kit off, have a luxurious hot bath, and relax.Bed and Breakfast Whitefish Montana

At The Farmhouse Inn & Kitchen, that is exactly what we provide. We are the and we live on our 16-acre hobby farm in Whitefish where we produce farm fresh food that goes from farm to table and is all organically produced. Last year we purchased an old farmhouse in the town and today you wouldn’t recognize it. We called it the Farmhouse Inn & Kitchen because it has three beautiful and luxurious bedrooms with showers and bath in which you can relax after that long day skiing, and a fabulous café where we serve breakfast and lunch using nothing but organic food, most of which comes from our own farm or from other farms around.

More Like A Luxury Hotel

If you want to come skiing in Whitefish, you can book a room in our B&B, but it is far more like a luxury hotel.

Our aim is to make your skiing holiday in Whitefish one that you will treasure and that will make you want to return to us time and time again. And if you are one of those “strange” people who doesn’t like to ski (!), there is a whole host of hiking and biking trails, and water sports such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and more.

Not only that, over the winter we are offering some special discounts, so if you just want to stay for a night or two, we are offering 20% discount, and if you book for three nights you get the fourth free!