You can now get lunch at The Farmhouse Inn & Kitchen in Whitefish

With Coronavirus having such a devastating effect, there has not been a lot of good news or anything to celebrate lately, but here is one thing that should bring a smile to your face: The Farmhouse Inn & Kitchen in Whitefish, MT, is now open 

The Farmhouse Inn & Kitchen is the place to stay in Whitefish MT

Whitefish, MT, is situated in some glorious countryside with hiking and biking trails galore, and some wonderful places for campers.

If You Want One of the Best US Ski Resorts, Come to Whitefish MT

Do you love to ski? Many people do. But some of those “strange” folk don’t! There has to be something wrong with people who don’t love to ski!

The Farmhouse Inn & Kitchen Is one of the Best Restaurants in Whitefish, MT

If you are a lover of organic food and you are visiting Whitefish, MT, or even if you live locally, you will find the finest offerings at The Farmhouse Inn & Kitchen on Lupfer Avenue.

Choose the Best B&B in 2020, If You Are Staying in Whitefish MT

If you are taking a vacation, why not visit Whitefish, MT?  Our Bed and Breakfast also offers a cafe on the premises.  There is lots to do around Whitefish, such as canoeing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, hiking, and skiing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Canoeing, Kayaking or Rafting

Whitefish, Montana is an adventurer’s paradise. If you’re wanting to ski, swim, fish, hike, canoe, kayak or bike, you’ve come to the right place. Montana is rightfully known as “big sky country”, but there’s a wealth of water sports here too. If you stay in 


There are great destinations to ski in Montana. Montana is a great place for skiing. Big sky being one, near Bozeman, polished and a bit pricey.

Hiking Trails

The trails have beautiful single track trails and gated logging roads. Fabulous portals into prime wildlife habitat, sweeping vistas, and mountainous recreational hubs.